8 Reasons why we don’t use Fortinet Firewalls.

Many MSP and MSSP IT companies, that we have had the pleasure of meeting with at road shows and other IT conferences, always ask us why we don’t use Fortinet Firewalls with our clients.  So we decided to write a short blog about the 8 reasons why we don’t use Fortinet Firewalls with our clients.

The 8 reasons Fortinet is not in our portfolio!

Reason 1: Fortinet’s high availability solution is expensive.
Each Fortinet firewall in a high availability (HA) pair must have a separate license making the solution very costly.

Reason 2: Fortinet firewalls have a weak anti-virus engine with very limited capabilities.
Fortinet’s anti-virus engine scans traffic over only a few protocols and has no cloud AV database with additional signatures. In addition, the AV engine goes into conserve mode and stops scanning when memory utilization is above 80%.

Reason 3: Fortinet’s sandboxing solution has only a single engine, not multiple engines.
Fortinet firewalls have only a single-engine sandbox without “block until verdict”.

Reason 4: Fortinet firewalls have had numerous vulnerabilities identified in FortiOS.
Fortinet firewalls running FortiOS have been found to contain over 15 vulnerabilities over the past three years according to the NIST National Vulnerability Database.

Reason 5: Fortinet firewalls are limited by the size of the files they can scan for viruses and malware.
The anti-virus engine in many Fortinet firewalls will scan files only up to 10 MB and must then either allow or drop the files without scanning them.

Reason 6: Fortinet firewalls force a choice between reduced performance and loss of features.
Fortinet firewalls force a choice between traffic inspection modes – either Proxy-based which is slower but has more features or Flow-based which is faster but has fewer features and is less secure.

Reason 7: Fortinet firewalls have fewer wireless security features leaving them open to attack.
Fortinet firewalls lack standard wireless security features including rogue AP prevention and wireless RF monitoring and analysis.

Reason 8: Fortinet firewalls only support WAN application acceleration/optimization in Proxy Mode.
Fortinet firewalls only support the acceleration of applications between sites when using Proxy Mode and even then only on certain models.

If your business has Fortinet Firewalls in place and are considered about your overall security situation. Please reach out to us to see how REAL Solutions Technologies can help secure your network! We also offer Competitive Upgrades to help reduce the cost of replacing these devices.