Cyber Security Tip #1: No one is safe from hackers!

Anyone can be hacked!

Want to know what every hacker hopes you believe?

“We are small! Nobody wants to waste their time hacking us.”

This is the #1 reason why people and companies get hacked. They dismiss the importance of IT security because they’re only a “small business” in comparison to the corporations out there. This thought process is a lazy, yet, dangerous way of thinking.

One thing is for certain: As long as you are plugged into the internet, NO ONE is immune to cybercrime. In fact, one in five small businesses fall victim to cybercrime and that number grows every year. Plus, half of all cyber-attacks are aimed at small-medium businesses BECAUSE they make themselves low-hanging fruit with sloppy or nonexistent security protocols or they trust in an untrained person or company that advertises they are experts without the certifications to back it up.

And one more critical point to ponder: If your type of business involves working with client data and you aren’t giving IT security the attention it deserves, how do you think your CLIENTS would feel about that?

If for no other reason, you need to do it to protect your clients’ data, even if the only information about them you store is an e-mail address. If YOUR system gets compromised, hackers will now have access to your CLIENTS’ e-mail and can use that for phishing scams and virus-laden spam. I’m sure your clients want you to be a good steward of their information and privacy, so it is time to get serious about putting essential security practices in place.

Cybercrime is at an all-time high, and hackers are setting their sights on small and medium businesses who are “low hanging fruit.” Don’t be their next victim!

If you are concerned that your business doesn’t have the right procedures and protocols in place and are also concerned about your overall security situation. Please reach out to us to see how REAL Solutions Technologies can help secure your network!
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