REAL awarded “Best New Startup in 2016” Award.

Best New Startup in 2016 Award

We are proud to announce that REAL Solutions Technologies, LLC was given the award “Best New Startup in 2016” by Kearny Bank. Built on honesty, transparency, hard work, and dedication, especially towards our clients, we are honored to have won this award.

We would like to thank everyone that has supported us and allowed us to get to this position. It is such an honor for others to notice this hard work. We truly want to acknowledge the clients that took the “risk” in us as a start-up to be their IT provider. Without our foundation clients, we wouldn’t have made it to where we are now. Also without any of our clients, we won’t be able to get to where we are looking go. Lastly, we promise to always continue to deliver the best affordable IT support we can provide to our NJ and NYC clients.

To celebrate, they have put ads and flyers in various Kearny locations in North Jersey on and around Bloomfield Ave, etc. to show support for a few months.

Best New Startup Sign
Sign located in Caldwell Kearny Bank Lobby

If that’s your bank, grab a card and a flyer in the lobby or near the entrance.

If that is not your bank, consider switching!


Why Kearny Bank?

Kearny Bank has been our bank practically since our start-up a few months in. We switched over from Santander after experiencing various problems and has been a breeze ever since!  They are an awesome organization and we trust them fully to handle all our financials. We highly recommend them for personal or business use and plan on using them for the remainder of our existence.

You can find them all of New Jersey and New York City. They have dedicated loyal staff that go out of there way to make sure everything is proper. At least we can speak for ourselves for the Caldwell location.