Company Overview

REAL Solutions Technologies is a value added reseller and a growing recognized leader in the provision and management of specialized managed IT solutions. We are constantly focused on client partnerships through customer satisfaction and support for their continued success. With our vision on pure value added service to our clients, REAL is positioned at the forefront of security, networking, and administration. Our services and solutions help our clients to grow and strive while we implement, maintain, and support their IT infrastructure.

REAL Solutions Technologies specializes in many areas of Information Technology. Security, Networking, Servers, Databases, Administration, Wireless, Systems Analytics, and more. We strive to provide our clients with the best of all areas. REAL implements top level security focus in all project designs and implementations due to our knowledge and understanding of how important of a role security is. Cyber Security is the current and future of technology and is a very complex and common misunderstanding among numerous IT companies. One security flaw can end any business that relies on their technology to grow and succeed.

We have major partnerships in the IT industry to provide various solutions to our clients at cost-effective rates. We are associated with Microsoft, DELL, Kaspersky, Barracuda, and Cisco. As we continue to grow, we will continue to partner with many more providers in hopes to always be able to give our clients an 100% top level experience.

Rapidly progressing in the industries of Legal, Healthcare, Education, and Commercial, we are now becoming the trusted provider across New Jersey and looking to expand to New York.

As we continue to grow, we would like to invite you to become a part of our network. Provide us with your valuable support and suggestions for serving you, the client, better, as well as fulfilling our vision of becoming a market leader in the region.

Mission • Vision • Values

Our quality mission and vision is creating customer satisfaction through the use of the latest and most secure Information Technologies.


REAL Solutions Technologies is committed to providing our clients the highest professional standards and leadership when it comes to Information Technology. Our goal is to be transparent, ethical, and educational; as well as lead the way in bringing the latest technology to our clients at the best cost possible.


Establish a working area of excellence that will position REAL Solutions Technologies as a relevant and reliable partner in the region with transparency, accountability, and true moral leadership policies.

Our Work: Initiative, Excellence (Technical Reliability), and Integral Focus (Strategic Alliance)


Our first priority as a company is to ensure customer success. This is done by valueing our employees just as much as we value our clients. Due to this philosophy, we can actually deliver the promise of customers first with customer success.

Our Behavior: Integrity (Ethics and Values), Trust, Respect, and Professionalism (Responsibility)